Burnley decide against David Fishwick stand return

The wooden seats in the David Fishwick Cricket Field Stand
The wooden seats in the David Fishwick Cricket Field Stand
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Burnley have decided against housing home fans in the David Fishwick Cricket Field Stand after discussuons among the board of directors.

The club looked into the possibility of splitting the stand between home and away supporters, as it was in the Clarets’ last Premier League campaign five years ago.

However, the board feel such a move would “dissipate the home support”, and that “it would be more beneficial to a good atmosphere inside Turf Moor to concentrate home supporters in the existing three stands.”

Chief executive Lee Hoos said: “It was debated over several board meetings.

“The ticket office made a very good point, it’s great for the Liverpool’s and Manchester United’s when the ground is full, but there were only two times in the previous Premier League season when you would have sold out the ground in excess of capacity, just using the three sides. The point they made was there were gaps all around the ground, and you were dissipating the support quite severely.

“We’ve always wanted to concentrate where we can to get all the fans together in one voice.

“For a couple of games it would work, but for the rest, probably not as well as we would want.

“It’s about maximising the value of the supporter, instead of spreading your support out.”

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