Burnley boss Sean Dyche fears for Premier League’s future

Clarets boss Sean Dyche
Clarets boss Sean Dyche
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Burnley boss Sean Dyche fears that the Premier League would become even more distorted should the so-called “big six” and their sidekicks get their way.

Representatives from all top flight clubs were present at a hotel in London’s Mayfair midweek to discuss proposals to change the way in which overseas television income is distributed.

Burnley's most recent fixture at Everton was filmed live on TV

Burnley's most recent fixture at Everton was filmed live on TV

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The meeting, however, closed without resolution with clubs unanimously agreeing to adjourn to allow further discussion with another gathering expected in the next month.

As it stands the £3billion overseas deal for the three-year period ending in 2019 generates £39m annually for each club - and there has been an equal circulation of international broadcasting income between all clubs for the previous 25 years.

However, the division’s super-powers are now demanding a bigger slice of the pie and executive chairman Richard Scudamore’s submission would see 35% of the cash distributed according to league position.

With a bigger pot of money to the league’s leading contenders threatening to create an even more significant imbalance, Dyche said: “Do I think it should be an even split? Yes, just for the reasons of competition.

“We know it’s an imbalanced competition anyway, if you make it even more imbalanced, and money rules the competitive element of top level football, so if someone is getting even more, and someone gets even less, it’s going to distort it.

“We all love to see the real super powers of world football going head to head, but I still think English and British fans love to see the smaller clubs and middle clubs over a season.

“I’m not saying every week, but I think they like that. Loads of people come up to me and say ‘it’s brilliant to see what you’re doing at Burnley’, and that’s fans of clubs like Man City and Man Utd.

“I think to keep it as level as you can is a better way of doing it. There has to be that competitive element.

“We all know the finance has become massive for some clubs and less so for others, but if you add more fuel to the top it’s going to entice more players because of the size of the club, contracts etc.

“It could get so distorted that it doesn’t stay a really competitive league. The best thing that happened to football for me was Leicester winning the league. It gave it a real shake up.

“Who knows what the future will bring somewhere down the line? The game will keep changing in the future. It’s not whether we can it’s whether we should!”

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