Chairman Alan Pace is confident Burnley will be stronger come the end of the transfer window

Clarets chairman Alan Pace remains confident that Burnley will be in a better place, in terms of the strength of their squad, when the transfer window has closed.
Alan PaceAlan Pace
Alan Pace

So far, the club’s business has been restricted to Stoke City centre back Nathan Collins – on a deal which could top the club’s £15m record purchase of both Chris Wood and Ben Gibson – and the free transfer of Wales goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey from Crystal Palace.

With James Tarkowski and Ben Mee expected to again be the first choice centre back pairing, and Nick Pope very mich first choice in goal, that means the first team will retain a similar look for now, with three Premier League games to play before the window shuts.

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But with “multiple bids” on the table for players, Pace is hopeful the club can boost Sean Dyche’s hand before the end of the month, although he feels their business could go right down to the deadline.

Pace was disappointed not to add to the squad in January, despite only just having got his feet under the table after the completion of the takeover, and he is determined to help give Dyche what he wants over the remainder of this window, and coming windows.

Pace said: “We have looked at a lot of players – in the winter window I was very disappointed, because I expected we would have lots of options.

“I understand the mechanics of the winter window, but I expected we’d have a list of 10, 15 names we were interested in, and we narrow that down.

“It wasn’t that way. It was very disappointing.”

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Pace has made steps to amend that, and explained: “We made sure that wasn’t going to happen and we had a very long list we’ve gone through, and had multiple conversations –that’s the way we were set up, so we could do something like we did with Nate (Collins) because we were set up before it happened.

“If I could do everything like we did with that one, I promise you we would, but because negotiation styles from us and other clubs, multiple interest in’s not that simple.

“Trust me, I’d rather be done day one, we never talk about it again and we’re telling you guys at the end of the window we already did our business.

“I think it may run to the absolute (end) and some of it may just fall over, but it’s a buyer-seller, it’s not anybody’s fault, if you want to buy a house and they don’t want to sell, okay.

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“If you want to buy and you have a threshold on your pricing...we are Burnley at the end of the day, we’re not going to be able to do what some of our neighbours are able to do.

“I think we’ll still be much stronger when we are done and many conversations are live as we speak.

“We have made multiple offers, and so far obviously they haven’t worked.

“We continue...we have a budget we set out, which we will stay to, but we also have a really good strategy of how to execute that budget in this window, and what we are doing is going to take multiple windows.

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“I don’t want to mislead anybody, we will always try and make it stronger, but we are going to be doing this for a while, for a few windows, to try and get where we want to.”

Asked whether there is a concern the club might not be able to do enough business, Pace admitted: “There is a concern that everybody came into this window thinking that all these clubs were going to need to sell and that it is a buyers’ market and it is not

“I mean, look at the numbers and what’s happening.

“You continue to see people pay what I would think would are outrageous prices for some things.

“It is not really a buyers’ market. It is about what you need to get business done.

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“People stop me in the street and say ‘when are we going to get X or Y’.

“It is not like these are not identified by us as well, it is pretty obvious what we are looking for and where we are looking for more support and depth.

“Anybody we are going to knows if we are serious or not, because they know the positions we are looking for.

“We have to be careful that we are thinking far enough ahead, if I was doing business for this window only, for what I need right this second, it would be for two positions with three or four options.

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“So I have to be thinking one or two windows ahead so that I can do something here that I don’t need to do next time, because it may be a better buying opportunity for us or less challenging to do stuff.”

Dyche has previously worked without a budget, but he has a better idea of what is available: “We put a budget out before we started the window.

“Everyone knows what that number is and what we are working towards.

“And we will caution that it is Burnley, and I think Sean has made a comment that even if we were to overspend, then we have to think about the next 10-20 years – I want to be here in 20 years, so you can’t go and rock the boat to make our mark.

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“At the same time I think we have shown our intention to do it the right way, I would be super disappointed if we don’t have a good window because we have put so much effort into it but let’s see over the next couple of weeks.”