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Burnley's divisional rivals could lose £50m striker for nothing, Man Utd ready big-money deal for key man

Burnley head into their weekend clash against Arsenal with a huge morale boost, following the news that Sean Dyche has extended his contract for another four years.

By Richie Boon
Friday, 17th September 2021, 7:48 am

The Clarets boss, who has been with the club for nine years, spoke to the press following the announcement of the new deal, and was asked whether his renewed commitment to the club would encourage players with soon-to-expire contracts to follow his example. He said: “We'll see, the way the game has changed now, they have agents, representatives, varying thoughts on the club and their time here, where the club is going to.

“I think all the signs help, but they don't guarantee players will re-sign, of course, contracts often do, the level of, so that's often the priority, to get their contracts right, and behind that, if they get on well with the management team and their fellow teammates, and the club in general, that can only help.

“There are no individuals, it’s all the players. I always try and be open with them, they know that.

“I’ve discussed, when they’ve wished to discuss with me, the football side of things. Sometimes it’s about contracts, it depends on the style of representatives they use.

“Some representatives want to do that through the business side of the club, some want to speak to me - it depends on what player and what circumstance. They’re all different and they’ve all got different views.”

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