Burnley freeze food and drink prices

BURNLEY Football Club is among the cheapest vendors for food and drink in the Championship.

The club conducted a survey of rival clubs following results of the Clarets Survey, which indicated that 36% of supporters purchased matchday refreshments, with over 55% claiming the reasons for non-purchase was due to it being ‘too expensive’.

And the results show that Burnley Football Club is highly competitive in the market, with the cheapest hot dog, second cheapest pie and cheapest cold and hot drinks in the division.

A ground catering price comparison - among the 14 other Championship clubs who responded – showed Burnley have the following:

· Second cheapest lager in the division


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· Joint cheapest for Bitter

· Cheapest hotdog in the division

· Second cheapest Pie in the division

· Cheapest hot drink in the division


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· Cheapest cold drink in the division

· Only club to offer Benedictine - at only £1.50 a measure!

One rival had pies at £1.30 more expensive than Turf Moor, with hot dogs costing £1.70 more.

Despite the above figures, Burnley Football Club has committed to holding catering process for the forthcoming season.


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A warm thank you to those who completed the Clarets Survey.