Where Burnley, Norwich City, and Brentford rank among the Premier League’s most ‘fickle’ fans - according to the stats

The Clarets have faced their fair share of challenges this term.

It’s been a difficult season for Burnley.

The Clarets find themselves embroiled in a looming relegation battle, and face the very real threat of dropping out of the Premier League in the coming months.

But how have their fans reacted to the ongoing turmoil?

New research from Bookmakers.tv has analysed over three million tweets from Premier League fans over the course of the season, and has determined each side’s most positive and negative weeks by counting up what percentage of their social media interactions were generally unfavourable.

The percentage differences have then been ranked to find out who the top flight’s most “fickle” fans are.

Check out the findings, ranking each fanbase from least to most changeable, below...

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