Burnley FC players wear suits in ‘respect’ for club

BURNLEY have been looking sharp on and off the pitch since manager Sean Dyche’s arrival.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 10th November 2012, 8:21 am

The Clarets have picked up two wins and two clean sheets since the former Watford boss took over the reins.

But one noticeable aspect of the changes he has brought about has been the players reporting for games at Turf Moor in suits, replacing the tracksuits and hooded tops of the previous regime.

Dyche insists it is merely a mark of respect for the club, and the players have responded accordingly - adding to their dressing room banter.

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As Kieran Trippier said: “There’s a few rascal suits in the dressing room, I’ll not name names!”

Dyche explained: “With the suits, that’s something we talked about as a group. I offered that to them.

“There are certain non-negotiables, values I have that will be in place without discussion, and others that are negotiable, and the lads were fine with that.

“I just like them wearing suits for home games, it’s a mark of respect for the club and the values we’re trying to instill.

“Away from home they can wear a tracksuit, it makes more sense, it’s more comfortable and better to travel in to put the players at ease.

“That’s just part of the culture we feel is important for the club.

“People tell me if you’re smart off the pitch, you’re smart on it, but that’s not what it’s about.

“There’s a lot of good people have different thoughts on it - Arsenal have been wearing tracksuits forever, home and away, and they have some very smart players!

“I offered it to the group, we discussed it, and they went with it, and I said ‘brilliant’.

“I just like the respect for the club and belief in it’s principles, and I think it presents an image that says the players respect the club.

“We all have club ties, and it shows that bond. That’s my thinking on it.”

Dyche has also made sure his players train as if they were playing a competitive fixture, with hats banned from Gawthorpe despite the dropping temperatures: “In my world, not wearing a hat in training is just common sense.

“I wish it was as easy to toughen up the environment just by telling them to take their hats off!

“That’s not about toughening anything up, you can’t wear a hat to play football, so you don’t do it in training.

“You still have to head the ball in training.”