Burnley fans asked to dig deep for Gary Parkinson

Burnley fans are being asked to dig deep for Clarets legend Gary Parkinson at Turf Moor this weekend.

The collection, taking place in all areas of Turf Moor ahead of Saturday’s game v Coventry City, aims to raise some much needed funds for Gary’s continued rehabilitation.

Gary suffered a severe stroke in September 2010, leaving him with ‘Locked-in Syndrome’.

He remains aware of his surroundings, but cannot move or communicate verbally due to complete paralysis of nearly all voluntary muscles in his body, except for his eyes.

Gary is currently being cared for at a local neurological rehabilitation centre with occasional visits home, but wife Deborah is hoping to raise funds to make significant changes to the family home in order for Gary to make longer home visits.

The bucket collection was suggested by youth team coaches Terry Pashley and Andy Farrell, who have enlisted the help of some of the youth team players and also former players who will be here on Saturday to mark the 20-year anniversary of the Fourth Division championship in 1992.

Thank you for your support.