Burnley chairman Kilby to step down to fight cancer

BARRY Kilby has decided to step aside from his role as Burnley chairman to battle cancer.

Kilby confirmed on Tuesday his 13-year stint in the chair will come to an end at the end of the current season due to “growing demands on my time caused by the treatment of unfortunate health issues.”

But he elaborated at a media briefing on Wednesday morning.

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The 62-year-old learned before Christmas of his illness, and has already started treatment, and feels the time is right to step down.

He will remain a director of the club, and retain his share holding, but he said: “I’ve got cancer and that’s something I’ve got to deal with.

“That was the real reason why I’ve decided to step down.

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“It will take my time up with the treatment I’ll have to do and I think it’s right that somebody now comes in and takes over.

“I’ve known roughly since November and through December.

“I’ve given it some thought, and obviously it will change things in my life, so now’s the time to step down.

“It’s a practical thing as much as anything.

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“I’ve got to deal with that and I don’t think I can do it simultaneously with being chairman of Burnley Football Club.

“That’s the real reason why I will step down at the end of the season.”

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