Burnley boss Sean Dyche's thoughts on the goal-less draw at Newcastle United

Despite making it six Premier League games without defeat, in which time his side have collected four clean sheets, 'greedy' Burnley boss Sean Dyche admitted he wanted more from his side at Newcastle.

The Clarets claimed a goal-less draw to move onto 38 points with 10 games remaining, earning an 11th clean sheet, only bettered by runaway leaders Liverpool.

But Burnley didn't really function as an attacking unit, only registering one shot on target, and, asked whether it was a good point or a frustrating afternoon, Dyche said: "Bit of both, I don't think we got to grips with the game offensively, particularly first half, we couldn't find the moments you need to win games, but defensively we were solid.

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"You get a clean sheet - I think that's 11 for the season now - and it always gives you something to build on.

Sean Dyche

"So, a bit of frustration because we felt we could come here and win, but I'm not naive to think it's easy against a side that, although there have been a few question marks, have only lost here three times this season, so they've obviously a good outfit when they're at home, so it's hard to win these games.

"But overall, another clean sheet, another point on the table and 11 clean sheets in total, which I think is a really strong marker for a side like ourselves."

Burnley have found a real defensive solidity of late, only conceding twice in the last six games, and Dyche added: "Yeah, it's one of those funny things, we get asked about it a lot, but we don't plan on defending our way out of things, but sometimes teams are very good, and, particularly away from home, you often have to surrender some of the areas of the pitch to make sure you don't give anything away, and it makes that balance between attacking and defending more precarious, but generally we've found that very well this season, and today the defensive side was fine - better than fine, particularly with a lot of set pieces coming in, we dealt with that very well.

"They had a couple of breakaway moments, and Charlie Taylor was excellent, a couple one v one, so that side of things was very good.

"But, with the ball we were nowhere near where we have been lately.

"It's a healthy frustration at the moment, 38 points in the Premier League with 10 to go, that's a pretty strong sign of the season we're having.

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"But you do get more and more greedy. You want more from your players and they should want more as well, and I think they do."

Newcastle caused a few scares in the closing minutes, particularly a late breakaway which ended with Matt Ritchie's shot hitting James Tarkowski from a three on one.

At that stage, it was a case of holding on to what Burnley had: "It's the psychology of a football match, the last 10 minutes, you're wondering then, and we couldn't quite find the breakaways. We had a couple - Woody has a chance from a good bit of play from Dwight, and a good header, and Jay Rod has one - I don't know if VAR would have taken it back, but he went through, a foul on Ben Mee which wasn't a penalty, I thought it was at the time, but someone bangs into the back of the lad behind him.

"Then you wonder, they have a couple of corners, a couple of deep free kicks, and trying to put things in your box, but we dealt with it very well and saw the game through to make sure we got a very good clean sheet and another point."

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So why did Burnley not click offensively?: "In the first half, I thought there was a strange feel to the game, a strange feel in the stadium, there was no real zip to it, certainly from our point of view, we couldn't find that energy - it was bobbly and the passing wasn't clean.

"There were areas to pass into, and we never really found that.

"So I was a bit frustrated at half-time. Second half we had moments, but we never really found it, not like we have been doing, but fantastic credit to the players.

"If you're not doing that side of the game well, you've still got to defend properly, and I thought we did."