Burnley boss Sean Dyche looking to strengthen squad in January, with no need to sell assets

While a number of his players are being linked with a move away from Turf Moor, Sean Dyche insists the January transfer window is more about “getting people in”.
Sean DycheSean Dyche
Sean Dyche

Dyche said on New Year’s Day that it was “unlikely” there would be any new faces before the deadline on the 31st.

However, he and the club continue to explore options, as he looks to strengthen his squad, rather than weaken it.

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Asked about the prospect of any signings, he admitted: “It doesn't change much really.

“You have got to have the money and that is the biggest thing as a starting point.

“I am still not clear what is available and what will be available. But the players have to be available.

“You can have as much money in the world, but if the players aren't available, or the other club doesn't want to sell, or the contract can't be agreed, then it is a very, very tough business.

“Money is a massive help but it is not the only thing.”

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Jay Rodriguez, Ben Gibson and Joe Hart have all been linked with moves elsewhere, but Dyche is loathe to move any of his senior players out unless there is an offer the club simply cannot turn down.

He said: “We are not in a position to need to sell. The club is in very, very good financial health.

“There is no demand on that.

“There is always a price eventually at Burnley Football Club because of the nature of the club, but that price is considerably different than it was four or five years ago because we are in a very good place financially.

“If a decision is made on that it will be made for the right reasons and certainly not purely financial reasons.

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“It is more the getting people in, getting competitive players into the building and of the level that can move us forward.

“At this time of year you can sign players, but they have to be players that can help you move forward, whether it is with instant effect or whether it is to grow into the team and improve the team going forwards. “You try and find that balance where both boxes are ticked and it is not that easy.

“We will keep foraging away and see what we can come up with.”

And Dyche revealed there hasn’t been any serious conversations about his players in any case: “We haven't had anything that means anything for our players, so there is no reason to think about it too much.

“We have an awareness of course, and what ifs.

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“Usually you get a sniff or a phone call, and sometimes people just phone you outright.

“There has been one situation and it wasn't really that real and it was nothing to us. That is it.

“The rest of it has been us looking outside the building to see what we can do.

“We don't need to look at interest. If people have any interest, we can pretty much rebuff it straight away.

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“It is only the history of the club and the financial thinking of the club that would change that, but the numbers would be pretty large nowadays for anyone who wanted to get players from here nowadays, and we have changed in that respect.”