Burnley boss Sean Dyche laughs off Reading Festival 'Mosh Pit' tales

Burnley boss Sean Dyche
Burnley boss Sean Dyche

Tales of Sean Dyche's expedition to Reading Festival are far more whimsical than the true account of his day, according to the Burnley boss.

The 48-year-old was pictured with a teenage Arsenal fan at the music event at Little John's Farm the day before the Clarets took a point against Wolves at Molineux.

The young Gunner's account suggested that Dyche, currently the fourth longest serving manager in English football, had headed to a nearby Mosh Pit to watch Post Malone.

Those stories, despite being flawed with inaccuracies, humoured Dyche, who has become accustomed to the sensationalism and glamorisation of the media.

"I was taking my wife and kids, I wasn't in the mosh pit or even headed to the mosh pit," he said. "I was very fortunate. A very kind gentleman called Melvin Benn, who runs the festivals at Reading and Leeds, sorted us out some great tickets.

"I went out the front to show my kids what it is all about at a festival and then went round the back with these fantastic tickets that we had and I actually sat with him talking about management and how it is similar at festivals to football.

"I am not crazy on some of the music there but I thought 21 Pilots were brilliant, Post Malone was different class, even though it is not really my bag, but by kids were beside themselves.

"Any opinion on me being there, good or bad, seeing my kids faces will be there forever so I am happy with that."

Dyche had originally planned to attend on the Sunday when the Foo Fighters were headlining the Main Stage.

However, a change of kick off time in the West Midlands put paid to that. "Foo Fighters is more my bag, which I was originally going to go to, then they changed the kick off time," said Dyche.

"The Foo Fighters are awesome, I've seen them before, but I just couldn't make it. By the time the game would have finished I'd have had to get down to Reading.

"I probably could have scrambled in, but it would have been such a rush it would have ruined it.

"On the Saturday I took my kids down, caught the end of Blossoms, who were good, then we saw 21 Pilots, who I thought were brilliant, they know how to whip it up. Post Malone was a different class.

"It's a sad thing that those kind of things get reported on like 'oh, the night before a game!' I'm with a 14-and-a-half-year-old and a 16-year-old, what exactly do they think we're doing?

"I think I can handle that - watching a gig with my kids. They're getting home for midnight. I just find it peculiar."