Burnley boss Sean Dyche laughs off Arsenal speculation

Burnley boss Sean Dyche laughed off speculation suggesting that he should become Arsene Wenger's successor at the Emirates.

Monday, 3rd April 2017, 2:27 pm
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 10:27 pm
Sean Dyche

With fans protesting against the Frenchman's reign at Arsenal, despite a haul that has brought three Premier League titles, six FA Cup triumphs and as many Community Shield wins over his two-decade spell, former Gunner Paul Merson championed Dyche's credentials for the job.

Speaking on Soccer Saturday, the one-time England international said: "I think he's done great, Sean Dyche. He should get another job, I don't want to be disrespectful to Burnley but he should be the next one in line.

"For me, that's how it works. He's done brilliantly. People will probably look at it and go, 'Oh, he doesn't play the Arsenal Way'.

Sean Dyche

"He would go in and liven it up. He's a good coach. With the players he's got now he plays a certain way, if he was at Arsenal he wouldn't play that way."

However, the Turf Moor chief doesn't expect a British boss to be the heir to the throne at any of the top flight's elite representatives.

Tony Pulis is the highest placed of those currently employed in the Premier League, with West Brom eighth in the division, with Welshman Mark Hughes, head of tomorrow's opponents Stoke City, a place below.

However, the top seven clubs are all governed by foreign managers. And Dyche doesn't think that will change anytime soon.

Sean Dyche

"I think it's highly unlikely that English managers are getting massive jobs in the Premier League, at the moment," he said. "Maybe over time the feeling about football changes. I just don't think English managers have still got the kudos of some of their foreign counterparts.

"That's not a big deal, that's the nature of what it is at the moment. I think for Arsenal I need some more depth to my experience, more growth as a manager and I think it's fair to say that we're working hard at what we do here.

"I just think it's a reality, I don't think it's sad at all. The nature of the market is that. There's some really good English, British managers out there. Tony's well versed in what's going on.

"Alan Pardew was spoken about as the England manager, then a few months later was out of a job because of the complexities of football. He has got 10, 11 seasons in the PL, is still a top-class manager.

"Sam Allardyce, Eddie Howe is doing a fantastic job down at Bournemouth. I just don't think they're thought of in the same way sometimes as what their foreign counterparts are.

"There's no angle in that, I just think it's the reality of where it's at. They've got a top-class manager, they've got one already and if anyone wants him out they'll probably look and say, 'Shall we get the same version of him in?' I think he's top class personally."