Burnley boss Sean Dyche disappointed as cup run remains elusive

Sean Dyche admitted his disappointment, as a good cup run remains elusive to the Clarets boss.

Sean Dyche
Sean Dyche

Burnley lost 2-1 at home to Norwich City in the fourth round of the Emirates FA Cup, on the back of two magnificent Premier League wins over Leicester City and Manchester United.

But the fifth round remains as far as Dyche has taken the Clarets in the world's best knockout competition, and he said: "It's disappointing because at the end of the day, the only thing we haven't had here is a really strong cup run, and I thought, going into the game, there was such a good feeling among the players, and the energy of the players, I was pleased with that and thought let's try and get through this one and see where it takes us.

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"But, in the grand scheme of things, it's just logic, the Premier League is so powerful, and our part in it is so important, that is still the focus, whether we won today or not.

"It's not emotion, it's just facts.

"It's just logic, it's not about the cup, I've had great times in the cup, certainly as a player.

"But the Premier League is massive for us, for a club like this.

"That's an aside though, that's a team I feel could play in the Premier League.

"We didn't find the moments, the details.

"Their first goal is a good goal, he attacks it well, but the second goal is a soft goal."

A crowd of 8,071 was something of a comedown from a win at Old Trafford, and Burnley struggled to hit the heights again in a subdued atmosphere: "It was a strange game, these early rounds can be peculiar in that the crowds are not there, it's a weird sort of feel.

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"The first half was sort of end to end, bit of a ding dong, they had chances, we had chances, not a lot in the performances.

"We hit the bar, Jay Rod has a golden chance, but they had a couple as well, so at half-time there was nothing in it.

"Second half we kept at it, we huffed and puffed, played but couldn't find the quality we needed to open the final moments, and that's what we continually look at here.

"And we let two soft goals in, so it's difficult to win games if you let goals in like that."

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Dyche made five changes to his side, so was that too many in hindsight?: "I don't think so (too many changes), they were good changes, they are good players, players that need football but good players.

"Two of the shining lights, Tarky and Westy were by far the two best players on the pitch, and they've played all the games recently, full of energy and the desire to try and win a game for us, and they tried everything they could.

"So a soft disappointment, we've had avery important week, but I thought we'd be strong today and deliver a performance.

"I was really confident with the way the week has gone and the feel in the camp that we'd win today."

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And did Dyche learn anything about the fringe players who came into the side, with rare starts for Joe Hart, Kevin Long, Robbie Brady, Aaron Lennon and Erik Pieters?: "I think we know about some of the players anyway, and don't forget most of them have played quite a lot of football.

"The blend of the group is competitive.

"There are some connections, obviously when the team is playing more regularly together, that they find better, but there was enough out there, and enough moments when we could have affected it, but we didn't.

"You have to take those moments."