Burnley boss has no complaints after Chelsea win at Turf Moor

Sean Dyche admitted he wasn't overly disappointed with his side's performance, as he hailed unbeaten Chelsea after their 4-0 win at Turf Moor.

Sean Dyche
Sean Dyche

The Clarets were ultimately well beaten by Maurizio Sarri’s Blues, after goals from Alvaro Morata, Ross Barkley, Willian and Ruben Loftus-Cheek.

It came on the back of a 5-0 reverse at champions Manchester City last week, and Dyche said: “We started well, then a mistake in the build up to the first goal, and these teams do punish you if you are opening up to try and play, as we were doing.

“On turnover, they can punish you, and they did.

“Even when they get 1-0 up, their tails are up and they play very well, and their technical quality, their physical power comes through, and it’s very difficult when teams are on the kind of form they are.

“We knew all of that, and they are a top side and delivered some moments which make you realise why they are.”

Asked whether he was disappointed after the opening goal, he added: “Not overly, you’ve got to give credit to the opposition. You know from the stand it looks really easy you know?

“But when you know what these guys are like and know what you’re playing against and know the volume of money spent on these players, it’s been spent for a reason because of the quality.

“When you know they’re on form as well, unbeaten this season, it makes it a big challenge,


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“I’ve said it many times, when you play the big teams, you need things to go in your favour, moments to go in your favour, you to play really well and maybe them to have a soft day or some of their players to have quiet days.

“You need all of that to happen. If it’s a level playing field and you play really well and they play really well, they win, because overall they’ve got more than you. That’s the way it is.

“So, it’s just tough we’ve played two teams on unbelievable form, back to back, and that makes it tough.”

One plus was Robbie Brady making his first appearance since December, and coming through 90 minutes: “I think Robbie’s done great, we planned on probably giving him 70/75 minutes, and he’s had to finish the game because of what happened with Corky (rolling his ankle).


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“He’s done great to get through it physically.

“Steven (Defour), great to see him still working hard at the end, his first full 90 for the first team, so they are really positive things.

“Other players are still adapting, still moving forward, they know the challenge - it’s not against these, although it is today, but we have beat these teams, of course, we didn’t go into it thinking we can’t, because you can.

“But it is tough, and the form the top sides are in, makes it even tougher.


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“We’ll still make sense of it, but it can be nothing but good to have people like Steven Defour and Robbie Brady coming back to full fitness, that’s for sure.”

Aaron Lennon missed the game having been laid low with a bug: “Unfortunately, Azza was ill all week and just couldn’t make it, if he’d been available, maybe Robbie wouldn’t have started, maybe eased him into it.

“But he’s done great today.”

However, Dyche’s attempts to shine a light on simulation continue to fall on deaf ears at the top.


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Willian was booked in the first half for an appalling dive as he tried to win a penalty, and Dyche gave a wry smile: “The only blot on the game, I don’t know why they are falling all over the place. They’re a great side.

“Willian diving in the box, I don’t know why. You don’t need to do that. That was the only thing I was disgruntled about, some of their football was excellent, physically prowess, technical quality, they don’t need to worry about the rest of it.

“You know my feelings on it, but it’s okay because he got a yellow card so that will definitely stop him...”