Burnley boss Dyche explains search for a technical director

A technical director - or title to that effect - will give Sean Dyche more time to focus on playing matters at Turf Moor.

Thursday, 18th October 2018, 11:30 pm
Mark Warburton

Dyche has explained why Burnley are searching for someone to help assist off the pitch, in terms of dealing with transfers, agents and contracts.

Dyche took on much of that role upon his arrival six years ago, and some of that responsibility has been spread out since, but he feels another layer of expertise would be of great benefit to him and the club.

Former Brentford, Rangers and Nottingham Forest boss Mark Warburton has been linked with the post, having been the Bees’ sporting director, and, with the old school manager - in charge of all aspects of the club - becoming a thing of the past, Dyche said: “We are trying to move forward the club on and off the pitch - all of this speaks to off the pitch in many ways, the structure, on the field with signings and adding to the sort of framework of the inner workings of the club, and I think that is what it is more about.

“We feel that there is a possibility of a role that would fit, and the possibility of looking at some people who might fit that role – I think that is where it is at at the moment and we are talking about it ongoing, myself, the chairman, the board, the chief executive about how that role works at a club like this – forgetting about the title, it is more about the role.”

Asked whether the role would involve being responsible for transfers, Dyche added: “I think there is an added focus to some of the bits that get inbetween whether you are dealing with agents, dealing with contracts, recruitment, structures – as in academy structures, coaching staff, and I think there is a lot of things in between.

“I think the one thing that will be a probable here if we go ahead and we find someone who we think works, is that it won’t be a technical director as in one who covers all the possibilities and pulls all the strings - it won’t be that kind of technical director – it is more of a helping hand, a conduit to work through so we are all on the same page, make sure that all the information is changing hands, more of continually part of the alignment of the club, rather than bringing someone in to look at everything and pull the strings, it is not going to be like that.”

So will it free up Dyche to focus more on preparing his players?: “Sort of, some of that sort of thinking.

“Historically when I first started, I did a lot, and we have tried to lessen it slightly and bring a different focus to different areas.

“When I first got here I would literally deal with agents, deal with contracts, deal with everything and the game is changing – that side of things morphs into the business side of the club, the actual business rather than the football business, so the more that that can be aligned….and obviously our numbers have grown as well, our numbers, the numbers we are spending, the agents part in all of that, so there is a lot more work that has been involved in the last couple of years than when we first got here, because we didn’t have any money. It was easy for me then but now it is slightly different.”

The club aren’t desperate to get someone in in time for the January window, as they look to make the best appointment they can.

Asked if there is any rush, he said: “No, right person, right slot, right title, we haven’t really formed the right title.

“It is not that relevant, but it does send a different message.”