Burnley’s cricket clubs host Primary Kwick Cricket events

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BURNLEY School Sport Partnership, Burnley Sports development unit and local cricket clubs of Burnley have delivered a host of Primary Kwik Cricket events.

The girls’ Kwik Cricket event started the season in May, with over 100 girls from local primary schools taking part in the event held at Lowerhouse Cricket Club.

Matches were played in sub-tropical temperatures as summer had come early, yet this didn’t stop the girls displaying a fantastic standard.

Barden Primary School took the victory over Heasandford for the second year running, and the girls will now progress onto the county final which will be held at Unsworth Cricket Ground.

The Year 6 Asda Mixed events were held at Lowerhouse and Burnley Cricket Club in June and saw over 220 children take part.

A representative of Asda stores, who sponsor the local, county and regional events were on hand to provide much needed refreshments to the competitors.

St Leonard’s played Stoneyholme in the final at Lowerhouse, and the scores were all tied until the last ball of the came - St Leonard’s batting under pressure took the opportunity and managed to gain a much-needed winning run.

At Burnley Cricket Club, Barden continued their winning ways and proved to all that it is not just their girls who can succeed after fending off Casterton Primary in the final.

St Leonard’s and Barden will make a trip over to Northern Cricket Club in Liverpool where they will fly the flag for Padiham and Burnley.

The excellent standard of cricket across all events is a testament to the good work being done in and around the schools and local cricket clubs and the School Sport Partn,ership would like to say a massive thank you to Lowerhouse and Burnley for hosting the events.