A visit to Number 10 for Alex and friends

Alex Hartley with the World Cup at Downing Street. (s)Alex Hartley with the World Cup at Downing Street. (s)
Alex Hartley with the World Cup at Downing Street. (s)
A Clitheroe Cricket Club player who went on to play for England in the team that beat India in the World Cup Final  at Lords was invited to Downing Street in recognition of the team's success.

Alex Hartley (23), who debuted for her home county of Lancashire at the tender age of 14, spent four seasons playing for Middlesex before returning to her home county this summer.

The East Lancashire cricket star, who hails from Read, was originally selected to play for England in June last year.

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She said: “It was an honour to get invited to Downing Street. When you start playing cricket as a kid – especially as a girl – you don’t imagine it will take you all the way to meeting the Prime Minister, so it was a very special day.

“She was complimentary about our success, saying we’d been part of a watershed summer for women’s sport.

“It was also nice to meet the rugby players, who had been invited after finishing as runners-up in their World Cup.

“I had a nice chat with the Prime Minister about her shoes and how they were way more practical for the lawn than our heels. I also took my heels off in her house to see how comfy the carpet was!

“It was truly a fantastic day and one I won’t be forgetting quickly. Hopefully she’ll be keeping up to date with how we do in the Ashes this winter.”