Burnley prove they are no Average Joes!

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Burnley proved they are no Average Joes as they were crowned North West Dodgeball champions at the Coca-Cola Street Games Festival at Sport City recently.

The aim of dodgeball is to hit other players with balls and avoid being hit.

There are many variations of the game but it usually consists of six players where players can be eliminated by either being hit with the ball, or an opponent catching a thrown ball or by forcing players outside the boundaries.

Games are two minutes long and are usually played best of five games in a tournament with at least two females on court.

Burnley, represented by Burnley Ultimate Dodgeball Club, finished top of their group after wins against Oldham 3-0, Chorley 3-0 and Bolton 3-2.

In the final, they stormed to a fantastic 3-0 victory over Wigan.

Burnley Ultimate Dodgball Club coach Lee Puxty said: “I’m delighted. The players have worked hard since last year and fully deserve to be North West champions.”

For information about the club, run on Thursdays from 4-5-30 p.m. at St Peters Leisure Centre, contact Andrew Smith (07843569173).