Burnley behemoth has a busy strongman schedule

Burnley behemoth Wayne Fulton is swamped in strongman competitions at the moment.

Sunday, 14th June 2015, 6:00 am
Strongman Wayne Fulton has a busy schedule of events coming up

The 31-year-old, who recently became a dad for the first time, will attempt to balance parenting and preparation ahead of Preston’s Strongest Man event at the city’s Flag Market on July 11th.

And work is also well under way for the latest installment of Burnley and Pendle Strongman’s Push:Pull challenge which has been scheduled to take place at the Fence Gate Inn on October 3rd.

At present 32 competitors will take part across four categories - the under 105kg class, under 90kg class, the novice class and the opens.

Again entrants will face off in the axel deadlift and log press, with the latter being an accumulative total measured in repetitions and weight.

The region’s champion weight-lifter Colin Jones will officiate the event, which includes local competitors Lee Johnson, Tom Walker and George Duguid, all from Burnley, Daniel Ingram from Nelson and Matt Heys from Colne.

“It’s reputation is growing and growing at the moment and the name is spreading like wildfire,” said Wayne.

“We’re starting to get through to people in the area - they know it’s here and it’s easy to get involved.

“It’s definitely progressing. People are starting to come forward and they’re getting involved. It’s taken time but we’re getting there. It’s definitely been worth the effort.

“I love the buzz of being involved with everybody and putting on a good show.”

The event, sponsored by Strength Shop UK, will be preceded by a seminar from Graham Hicks.

The British number two will hold an educational session that incorporates a big screen presentation, demonstrations and discussions about training and nutrition.

The seminar is priced at £15 which includes a pie and pea supper and entry to the main event.

Anybody interested in attending can email .

Ahead of the competition next month, where he’ll resume his rivalry with man mountain Gregg Dunnings in a schedule consisting of a press medley, car deadlift, van pull, super yoke, farmer’s walk and bag lifting medley, Wayne said: “I don’t see why I can’t finish in the top three or even win it. I’m feeling good for it.

“I know the line-up. Gregg Dunnings is quite a significant person in our circles.

“We both competed at Bolton where I finished first and he finished second. It’s a friendly rivalry.”

Wayne, who was forced to withdraw from an England Strongest Man qualifier last month after sustaining a shoulder injury, added: “I’ve missed it. Now the ambition is to compete in the UK finals.

“The goal is to get through the qualifiers with a top four finish.”