Dragons breathe fire at world championships!

Burnley's Dragons Kickboxing Club returned from the WKO World Kickboxing Championships in Barnsley with two multiple open world champions!

Burnleys Dragons show off their medals from the WKO World Kickboxing Championships
Burnleys Dragons show off their medals from the WKO World Kickboxing Championships

After a long, hard two days of fighting at the Championships, which hosted over 600 fighters from 16 countries, the Dragons team of five warriors came away with four gold, 11 silver and four bronze medals.

Black belt Alyssa Bristow, aged 15, a Northern open champion, WKO Northwest champion, WKU British Open champion, and Daniel Dawson, aged eight, are now both world champions in multiple catergories, with the latter, a Northern champion, WKU North West champion, WKO Five Nations champion, undefeated throughout the whole competition.

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Amanda Bristow, 45, who is Alyssa’s mum, was a three-time silver medalist, almost winning gold in two of her three categories, but just falling short.

Anastazja Labocha, who only took up the sport earlier in the year, advanced to the final on several occasions but the 12-year-old just couldnt quite get the gold, finishing up with five silver medals and a bronze against here more experienced opponents.

Last, but not least, Oliwia Kaczmarek battled it out with some of the toughest girls in the competition, and the 11-year-old managed to claim three bronze medals, standing her ground with the absolute best of the best.

Coach Steven Wong said: “I could not be prouder of what we as a club have achieved, and I cannot thank my fighters enough for giving up their weekend to battle it out with the best in the world.

“This weekend has literally been blood, sweat and tears, and possibly a broken nose, but at world class level its not expected to be a walk in the park.

“I would also like to thank the spectators for coming to support us, I know it can drag at times but its all worth it in the end!”