Burnley’s Olympic challenge

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BURNLEY is joining in with the Olympic spirit by hosting its own Olympic challenge.

The “Join In Local Sport” weekend will take place on the August 18th and 19th – the weekend after the Olympics and before the Paralympics.

The Burnley ‘Join In’ challenge weekend will enable clubs to convert this once in a lifetime wave of interest into a sustainable future of help, support and membership from their local community.

Coun. John Harbour Executive member for leisure and culture, said: “I know the Olympics and Paralympics are going to inspire people to get involved like never before. Burnley’s ‘Join In’ challenge will make sure we don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Coun. Andy Tatchell, who chaired the working group, said: “I’m delighted the Burnley’s ‘Join In’ challenge weekend could provide an opportunity for sports clubs across Burnley the chance to showcase the many opportunities there are to get involved at a community level.

“We want to make sure that this fantastic summer of sport gives a real boost to grassroots activity.”

Burnley’s ‘Join In’ challenge is building a website, which provides a place for clubs to register and advertise their event, where they will find practical advice to help them make the most of the weekend.

The website is calling for clubs and individuals to register their interest in the weekend and over the next few weeks will provide more information for clubs on how they can make the most of the weekend, and provide clear and easy information for individuals on what’s taking place in their community.

The Burnley ‘Join In’ challenge was developed by the Leadership and Community Scrutiny Committee in response to the London Olympics 2012.

Visit www.burnley.gov.uk/olympics for more information.