Lancashire nostalgia in 1990: Noddy, wellies and Tokyo Jo's

Sweeten's bookshop owner has branded publishers "spoilsports" for banning Noddy from cuddling
Sweeten's bookshop owner has branded publishers "spoilsports" for banning Noddy from cuddling

Here's a look at some of the stories that were making the headlines back in 1990:

Bookshop owner’s ‘spoilsports’ rap for Noddy’s cuddle ban

Gosh. Some jolly nasty publishers have been given a ticking off for messing around with Noddy and Big Ears.

Preston bookshop owner Mr David Sweeten has branded publishers MacDonalds “spoilsports” for changing Enid Blyton’s children’s book.

The twosome have been censored after being branded racist, sexist, old-fashioned and risque.

That means:

* No more mugs of hot cocoa and a cuddle in bed for the twosome.
* No more golliwogs.
* No more references to spanking, or feeling “gay” and “queer”.

Other Toytown characters are also getting a facelift for the 1990s.

Tessie the bear is shrugging off her wimpy woman image to become liberated and independent.

The slipper-using teacher Miss Rap has been transformed into the kindly Miss Prim. And Toytown is going multi-racial with new Asian, Chinese and Eskimo residents.

Mr Sweeten, owner of Sweeten’s bookshops on Fishergate, said: “These books are 90 per cent illustrations anyway and to stop Noddy and Big Ears cuddling up in bed together does seem to be a bit sad.”

Some leftwing councils have already banned the books,

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All’s wellie that ends wellie!

Irish eyes were smiling again when comic Jimmy Cricket was reunited with his famous wellies.

The star mysteriously misplaced them during his spell at the Southport Theatre. An immediate inquiry was launched and at the weekend the boots turned up again.

Jimmy said: “I put them outside the stage door for a quick airing but when I went for them, they had gone.”

At first the theatre ghost - responsible for a number of pranks at the venue - was believed to have been up to its old tricks again.

But after much “sole” searching the missing wellies, marked L and R so Jimmy can remember which feet they go on, were found in an airing cupboard.

Jimmy said he was “relived” at having his 22-year-old boots back.

£1m new look nightclub set for opening in town centre

A new £1m state-of-the-art nightclub is set for a glittering launch in Preston this month.

The owners of Tokyo Jo’s have spent more than £1m refitting and equipping the club, which will open its doors to the public on the 30th.

Packed with the latest sound and lighting equipment, Tokyo Jo’s sits on the site of the former Easy Street club, next to the Odeon cinema, on Church Street.

The club also takes in adjoining buildings and a new entrance has been built from Church Street.

A spokeswoman for the club’s owners, Whitegate Leisure, said: “The club will rival clubs like Blackpool’s Palace, Blackburn’s Peppermint Place and Wigan’s Mr Smiths, having similar capacities and the definite advantage of being brand new with all the latest in hi-tech sound and lighting equipment.

“The building itself is fascinating. It is a combination of Easy Street plus neighbouring buildings. In fact, Tokyo Jo’s will run from Church Street, where it will have its entrance, right down to the old Easy Street entrance.

Management at the club have been recruiting staff by holding special auditions, with everyone, including cloakroom attendants and bra staff, being groomed to play their parts at the club.

The Easy Street nightclub was bought by Whitegate Leisure for £2m.