Did you once live in one of Rochdale's iconic 'Seven Sisters'?

Rachael and Casey in front of the 'Seven Sisters'
Rachael and Casey in front of the 'Seven Sisters'

A documentary film-maker is hoping to hear from Burnley folk who may have once lived in one of Rochdale's iconic 'Seven Sisters' tower blocks.

College lecturer Casey Shaw and colleague Rachael Barker are collaborating to produce an independent film which aims to explore the spirit of these homes - chronicling the stories of its past and present residents - ahead of scheduled demolition of four of the blocks.

Casey said: "The Seven Sisters are symbolic of Rochdale. These homes have been housing people for more than 50 years and are brimming with history from generations of residents.

"Our aim is to celebrate this sense of community and document the experiences, friendships and culture of the Seven Sisters in the most authentic way.

"We hope to collaborate with other local organisations and creatives, to capture the diversity of the town. The documentary will utilise archive footage, home footage and interviews, to represent the idea of community in its most organic form.

"We have already been gifted some wonderful home footage, captured on 8mm motion picture format which dates to the early days of the seven sisters. The footage really captures the vibrant essence of College Bank Estate in the 1960’s."

Casey has now reached out to people living in Burnley, Pendle and the Ribble Valley who may have once lived in one of the tower blocks or knows someone who did.

Rachael added: "In order to help us capture the spirit of The Seven Sisters, we are asking for people who may live there or have an association with College Bank to get in touch and share their stories.

"We are passionate that people should be the heart of this film and encourage anybody who is interested in getting involved or finding out a little more, to connect with us on Facebook ‘Stories from The Seven Sisters’ or contact us via e-mail: sevensistersdoc@gmail.com."