Burnley science teacher Jim dies (95)

Jim Ramsbottom
Jim Ramsbottom

A retired teacher and Normandy war veteran Jim Ramsbottom has died peacefully and suddenly at the age of 95.

Jim, a father of two, was born at the Black Rock colliery district in 1919 and went on to attend Burnley Grammar School. In his youth, he played cricket at Burnley Cricket Club and wanted a career in teaching but a short supply of jobs led to him working at Burnley Town Hall as an accountant until he was called up to fight in the Second World War.

At the outbreak of the conflict, Jim was one of the first to be drafted and was one of seven siblings to go to war, all of whom made it back. He was present at the storming of the Normandy beaches, acting as a spotter for a mortar section. Through his military career he rose through the ranks from Private to Captain and served in Egypt and Palestine.

After the war, Jim returned to accountancy and worked in the Treasurer’s Office as well and played cricket for Burnley for many years.

In 1948 he married Betty, who worked as the secretary at Ivy Bank School. They set up home in Glen View Road and had two children, Andrew and Elizabeth.

In 1958 he took the opportunity to go to college and learn to teach, starting his new career at Barden, then moving to St Hilda’s in 1965 where he became the first male teacher. He was head of science and taught there for 17 years, until he retired in 1984.

He died peacefully at Millbrook House Care Home in Dorset, where he moved in 2013 to be closer to his family after his wife died. The funeral will take place on Friday at noon at the Burnley Crematorium.​