This is where you can buy Groovy Chick merchandise after ASOS sold out

Are you keen for Groovy Chick to make a return in 2020? (Photo: ASOS)Are you keen for Groovy Chick to make a return in 2020? (Photo: ASOS)
Are you keen for Groovy Chick to make a return in 2020? (Photo: ASOS)

Groovy Chick was one of the most iconic characters from Bang On The Door, with ‘90s kids collecting all the Groovy Chick merchandise available - duvet covers, pencil cases, posters and more.

They say that trends tend to come back around and now, in 2020, Groovy Chick is back.

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New Groovy Chick clothing was released by Daisy Street on popular fashion shopping website ASOS, and it caused quite a stir online, with people of a certain age rushing to get their hands on them.

How to buy the Groovy Chick t-shirts

The green Groovy Chick t-shirt costs £19.99 and the white one costs £21.99 - unfortunately, however, both of them are currently out of stock on the website.

Given the stir that the shirts caused online, though, and how quickly they sold out, Daisy Street would be smart to re-release the t-shirts for those who missed out the first time around.

Online reaction

Many people were amazed to see Groovy Chick come back in 2020, expressing their love for the designs on social media.

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One person tweeted, “Never thought I’d see her again, but I guess it’s time to get the #GroovyChick bedding, curtains and pencil case out the loft to match my new t-shirts xoxox.”


“You don’t understand how much I need one of these t-shirts. Loved my groovy chick bedroom and roller blades back in the day,” tweeted someone else.

Where else can I buy Groovy Chick items?

If you’re devastated that you missed out on the Groovy Chick t-shirts on ASOS and can’t wait for a restock, then there are other websites that you can turn to.

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First, you can always get Groovy Chick merchandise straight from the source on the Bang On The Door website. They feature things like Groovy Chick t shirts, hoodies, aprons, hats, tote bags and more in a huge variety of colours and designs.

Additionally, website Truffle Shuffle has also gotten in on the Groovy Chick action, with Groovy Chick pyjamas and Groovy Chick ankle socks.

The Groovy Chick pyjamas come with a Groovy Chick t-shirt and matching Groovy Chick pyjama bottoms and costs £15.99. The ankle socks cost £4.19.