These are the top 40 'moments of excitement' among Lancashire locals

The average Lancashire adult experiences 12 ‘moments of excitement’ a month – including consuming caffeinated drinks before going to bed and pressing snooze on their alarm clock.

Researchers polled 2,565 adults – with Lancashire locals among them – and found they take a walk on the wild side by sleeping with make-up on and turning up to restaurants without a booking.

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They’ve also been known to go outside with wet hair, putting rubbish in the ‘normal’ bin when it should be recycled, and using someone else’s favourite mug.

Lancashire locals pursue moments of excitement the most at 24

The study, which was undertaken on behalf of 888poker, found locals were most inclined to pursue moments of excitement at 24 years old.

Six in 10 said they wish their life was more fun than it is – but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate moments of excitement when they happen.

Around three quarters (73 per cent) said seeking out excitement makes things more interesting – and 23 per cent they feel exhilarated when they do such things.

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Although 11 per cent said ‘living on the edge’ makes them feel scared.

Further moments of excitement pursued by Lancashire locals include not bothering to close the curtains or blinds when getting quickly changed and eating food past its sell by date.

Going to bed late on a work night, getting the last bus, tube or train home, and wearing high shoes they’re likely to fall over in are also common ‘dangerous’ acts in the county.

One way 17 per cent of locals seek out excitement is by playing poker – but 35 per cent may claim they’re not being risky at all as they consider their style of play to be ‘strategic’.

Top 40 'moments of excitement' among Lancashire locals

  1. Eating something past its sell by date
  2. Drinking coffee or tea before going to bed
  3. Not bothering to use sun cream
  4. Not doing the washing up till the next morning
  5. Going outside with wet hair
  6. Going to bed late on a work night
  7. Leaving the home without an umbrella/coat on an unpredictable weather day
  8. Leaving the home without your phone
  9. Going outside barefoot
  10. Not opening your post as soon as it arrives
  11. Crossing the road when the red man is showing
  12. Turning up at a restaurant without booking first
  13. Not closing the curtains or blinds when you get quickly get changed
  14. Pressing snooze on the alarm
  15. Putting something in the ‘normal’ bin when you know it should be recycled
  16. Jumping down the last few steps on the stairs
  17. Ordering something other than ‘your usual’ when eating in a restaurant
  18. Leaving the home with your phone on low battery
  19. Sleeping with make-up on
  20. Leaving windows open in your home when you’re not there
  21. Getting the last bus/tube/train home
  22. Reading in the bath
  23. Going on social media or news sites before you’ve seen a popular TV show and risking spoilers
  24. Not killing/disposing of a spider you’ve just seen
  25. Going on a big night out on a work night
  26. Leaving work half an hour early
  27. Not comparing your utility bills/savings accounts to other suppliers when renewing
  28. Leaving your curtains at home open when you go on holiday
  29. Wearing high shoes that you might fall over in
  30. Not running away from a wasp
  31. Watching a trailer for a film that might give away key plot points
  32. Using someone else’s mug
  33. Not paying bills on time
  34. Overfilling your hand luggage or using a bag which is too big and hoping it won’t get spotted when travelling by plane
  35. Not logging off of your online banking
  36. Taking a carrier bag at a self-service checkout without paying for it
  37. Bluffing when playing games like poker
  38. Not locking your car
  39. Going on holiday without a bikini wax
  40. Sitting in a reserved seat on the train

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