Easyjet has increased flights in order to cope with demand as UK residents carry on with Spain travel plans

Easyjet have increased their flight schedule to cope with demand (Photo: Shutterstock)Easyjet have increased their flight schedule to cope with demand (Photo: Shutterstock)
Easyjet have increased their flight schedule to cope with demand (Photo: Shutterstock)

Easyjet has increased its number of flights in response to greater than expected demand over the summer from holidaymakers.

The news of increased demand from the budget airline has inflated its share price by more than eight per cent.

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More flights

The summer flying schedule from Easyjet has been expanded, with plans to operate around 1,000 flights a day in August.

The budget airline has expanded its schedule to 40 per cent of its normal capacity between July and September, rather than the previously expected 30 per cent. The carrier said that it has seen strong demand for locations like Greece, Turkey and Croatia from UK holidaymakers.

According to the airline’s boss, most travellers with existing holidays booked for Spain were going ahead with their plans, despite the government’s decision to remove Spain from the quarantine exemption list.

‘Higher than expected levels of demand’

CEO of Easyjet, Johan Lungren, said, “Returning to the skies again allows us to do what we do best and take our customers on much needed holidays.

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“I am extremely proud of all our people whose care and commitment, along with the introduction of our industry-leading bio security measures, have resulted in customer satisfaction scores reaching a high of 80 per cent since the re-start, an increase of 13 percentage points compared to the same period last year.”

Lungren explained that the carrier has experienced “higher than expected levels of demand” and that bookings for the remainder of the summer are performing better than expected, leading to the expansion of flights.

“This increased flying will allow us to connect even more customers to family or friends and to take the breaks they have worked hard for,” he added.

What safety measures has Easyjet introduced?

Easyjet has introduced a number of measures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

These include:

  • Additional cleaning and disinfection procedures for aircraft cabins
  • Requiring passengers and crew to wear a mask onboard at all times
  • Fitting aircrafts with “state of the art filtration technology”

Easyjet states that these measures will “remain in place for our flights as long as necessary”