Discover the lesser-celebrated scientific greats with New Scientist Discovery Tours

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When we think about the leading scientific experts throughout history, our minds wander to the likes of Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and Machu Picchu.

If we delve a little deeper, we will find equally impressive counterparts that have helped shaped the ways of the world.

22 January 2023 - 13 days

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Alfred Wallace was  one of the greatest naturalists of all time. In fact. he jointly published the theory of evolution by natural selection with Charles Darwin in 1858.

This cruise enables guests to travel in the footsteps of Alfred Wallace, exploring Indonesia’s Spice Islands and Raja Ampat marvelling at the biodiversity and stunning beauty, as they discover the region's primary rainforests, geology, conservation projects and local culture.

Cruising aboard a 22-berth luxury crewed schooner and visiting several of the sites that were important to Wallace’s significant discoveries, New Scientist Discovery Tours will help guests discover diverse species on land, in the air and sea - including the Bird of Paradise, Golden Birdwing Butterflies and numerous sea creatures.

September 2022 - 6 days

On this New Scientist Discover Tour, science enthusiasts visit the institutes and sites where Bohr himself formulated his theories and research, uncovering a rich history of scientific development, from Bohr as well as Danish scientist Tycho Brahe and Ole Romer.

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Allowing travellers to truly get under the skin of Copenhagen’s scientific heritage, a range of specialists, including author and journalist Manjit Kumar will share intriguing insights during a tour of the city.

Highlights of this impressive tour include a guided tour and talk at the Carlsberg Foundation and National Academy, guided tour and talk at Niels Bohr Institutes and a visit to the National Space Institute.

Travellers can register now at [email protected].

On this exceptional 10-day tour, travellers will visit the Inca capital town of Cusco, the agricultural and hydrological masterpiece of Tipon, the ancient Maras salt ponds (private guided tour), Pisac - a mountainside fortress defending the southern approach to Machu Picchu - the recently opened Inkariy museum and, of course Machu Picchu.

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