5 Christmas art and crafts activities to try with kids

With schools closing for the holidays and kids cooped up inside, you may be wondering how you can keep them entertained.

If your child is one who prefers playing with the box the toy came in rather than the gift itself, they may be interested in getting imaginative with some pens, paper, dried pasta and finger paintings. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create simple yet effective art with your little ones this Christmas. 

Paper Snowflakes 

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    This simple craft only requires paper and scissors 

    1. Begin with a square piece of copy paper.
    2. Fold the square of paper diagonally to make a triangle. 
    3. Fold in half again. 
    4. Fold one into three thirds, from the centre point.
    5. Fold the two outer thirds over one another until both outside points have crossed. 
    6. Cut the end opposite the point off at an angle. 
    7. Shape it by cutting random sections of the sides of the triangle out.Be careful not to cut from one side to the other as this will cut your snowflake into different pieces. 
    8. Unfold to reveal your snowflake. Different cuts will make different shapes but the same step-by-step guide will give you fail-safe snowflakes to create your own winter wonderland. 

    Pasta shape vintage Christmas Trees

    For these decorative trees, you will need a styrofoam cone or card rolled into a cone shape and trimmed to create a flat bottom, PVA glue, dried pasta shapes and paint. 


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    1. Paint your cone in the colour you want your tree to be.
    2. Let it dry.
    3. Apply glue to each pasta shape, sticking each one before moving onto the next. Decorate from the bottom, working towards the point of the cone and sticking different pasta shapes in rows to create a decorative look.
    1. Apply your craft paint to each shape with a small brush- a double coat is advisable. 

    Draw Santa 

    To draw the perfect Santa, you will need paper, a pencil, a black marker and crayons, pens or pencils to colour. 


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    1. Start the hat band.
    2. Add the face below, leaving space for the beard.
    3. Draw the beard around the face.
    4. Add a hat to the band.
    5. 5.Draw the sleeves with cuffs.
    1. Add mittens and a belt
    2. Draw a rectangle from the belt downwards to complete his suit jacket. 
    3. Add legs and chunky boots. 
    4. Trace with a black marker and colour. 

    This is an easy guide to follow for drawing Santa. Once your child is happy with their drawing they can colour it in with felt tip pens, crayons or colouring pencils.

    Paper plate snow globe 


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    To make these effective, toddler-friendly snow globes, you will need:

    - Paper 

    - Clear plastic plates, 7-inch

    - Black construction paper


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    - Clear school glue

    - Crayons or oil pastels

    - Watercolour paints

    - Styrofoam craft snow


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    - Scissors

    1. Draw a circle of paper the same diameter as the inside circle of your plastic plate - you might need an adult to manage this accurately
    2. Draw a winter scene on your paper.
    3. Colour over the picture with crayons or oil pastels.
    4. Paint over the entire scene with water colours (this creates a technique called colour resist).
    5. Glue the picture creation onto the paper plate.
    6. Pour 1–2 tablespoons of styrofoam snow onto the middle of the picture. If you would prefer to be eco-friendly, you could use rice grains instead of styrofoam. 
    7. Lastly, glue the plastic plate over the design and leave to set. 

    Your snow globe should now be the perfect snowy winter scene! You can follow the full guide here.

    Jam Jar snow globe


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    To make these effective Christmas decorations, you will need: 

    - Small festive ornament (table decorations ornaments work well)

    - Glitter (2 tablespoons per globe)

    - Clear glue


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    - Warm water

    - Mason jar

    - Spoon

    - Glue (liquid form such as in a glue gun)


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    Follow this step by step guide: 

    1. Secure your ornament to the inside of the jar lid, using glue
    2. Add around 4 tablespoons of clear liquid glue to your jar followed by warm water -fill the jar up to just past half way and stir the mixtures together.
    3. Add the glitter to your jar and stir again
    4. Tight the lid onto the jar.Ensure the ornament is stuck firmly beforehand - and glue around the brim of the lid to seal the jar. 
    5. Shake and enjoy.

    You can find the full instructions here.