From zero to hero, Seb becomes an Iron Man

A Crow Wood gym member whose modelling career has taken off world wide after ditching junk food says he has also shaved pounds of his spending.

Tuesday, 10th May 2016, 10:56 am
Updated Tuesday, 10th May 2016, 12:00 pm
Sebastian David

Sebastian David (29) from Burnley took just 15 months to go from 14st 6lb down to 10st 7lbs and in the process converted a beer belly into a chiselled six pack.

Sebastian had previously spent at least £140 a week on junk food that included pasties, fry-ups and chicken buckets taking his daily intake up to 5,000 calories.

However, when his father died, Sebastian, who is a fire safety officer at his family firm Pendle Nu Tech, cut out the junk, embarked on a strict fitness regime and is now entering body building competitions, appearing in the national media for his transformation.

Sebastian David after

“I do certainly save money,” said Sebastian, who also trains at Intershape Fitness in Colne, “I could spend upwards of £140 on junk food but now I definitely spend less.

“I spend around £100 and it’s all fresh and all organic - I eat all the best stuff now.”

The study of comparative diets was carried out by money-saving website

The study looked at the ‘before’ and ‘after’ diets of a number of professional sports people including former self-confessed couch potato Sebastian.

Sebastian David before

It stated he had previously spent up to £247 a week on his unhealthy eating habits but his weekly outgoings now on food and supplements stand at less than half at just £117 per week.

The study found that anyone with a similar diet of convenience foods and takeaways to Sebastian will double outgoings, with a costly annual food bill of £12,844, in comparison to just £6,084 he now spends on a five-meal-a-day diet that includes chicken, potatoes, beef, rice and white fish.

Sebastian has a degree in sports coaching and a Master’s degree in coaching from UCLAN but admitted it was all about ‘putting it into practice.’

Now he has, he is due to enter a competition in Belfast in three weeks time run by the Natural Bodybuilding Federation as his modelling career continues to go from strength to strength.

Sebastian David after

“I hope to come in the top three in the Lightweight Open category,” said Sebastian. “If I win it, I become Mr Belfast and then I would look at the Nationals and Worlds in Miami but that’s a long way in the future.”

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Sebastian David before