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Clitheroe Community Hospital
Clitheroe Community Hospital
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Very recently, the people of the Ribble Valley have been fortunate enough to have acquired, here in Clitheroe, a brand new, state-of-the-art modern local hospital.

It is now up and running and is serving us, the population of the Valley, in ways that could not have been contemplated in the days of the old establishment which it has replaced. Costing in excess of three million pounds, it provides more and better services and contains equipment which, compared with that of its older counterpart has to be seen to be believed.

By far the greater part of the overall costs have, of course, been borne out of NHS funds, but we, The Friends of Clitheroe Community Hospital, have been inordinately proud to be able to supply a great deal of additional equipment and fittings which were outside the ability of the NHS budget to cover.

Not the least of these has been a complete full-body X-ray unit and an ultra-sound system allowing diagnostic services here in Clitheroe which would not otherwise have been possible and, for many patients, avoiding lengthy, costly and sometimes distressing trips to other hospitals.

We have also provided electronic murals to enhance the Reception Suite and cupboards, wardrobes and other small equipment to much improve the patients’ experiences both as out-patients and during stays on the wards.

All of this has been paid for out of donations placed in The Friends’ care by you, the local residents, many of whom may have been, in earlier times, patients at the Hospital and it is with great pleasure and pride that I, on behalf of the Friends’ Committee and of all those who will, in future, benefit from those donations, say a most sincere thank you to all who have contributed.

We have a quite fantastic new facility in our valley but it is “finished” only in the sense that the planned building is complete and working. Be assured, however, the work will go on, newer treatments will be found and newer services will be required so further funding will have to be raised to cover them.

Please remember us should you feel able to contribute at any stage and for any reason in the future and you have our promise that every pound placed in the hands of “The Friends of Clitheroe Community Hospital” will be spent at that hospital and none other.

Mrs Brenda Dixon

Chairman – the Friends of Clitheroe Community Hospital