Women and young withdraw from politics

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There is a malaise within all the political parties in Pendle and to some extent the country as a whole.

It has been highlighted recently in your letters about internal difficulties within the Labour Party.

However, they are not alone – never mind how much various spokesmen will try to deny it, even UKIP, Greens, BNP or the Moster Raving Loonies are subject to this illness.

It is not just a matter affecting one section of any ethnic community but poisons the actions and commitments of all.

It is the spread of apathy or that feeling that individuals cannot influence policy or events because some people, mainly men, have so rigged the system that voting or participation is a waste of time.

This affects women and the young, who have opted out of much political activity big or small and see no future even in applying to vote, and certainly no point in actually contesting in an old, elderly-male-dominated system.

Yet, it is vital both young and old, and especially women, rejoin front-line activity, especially in this European Election year.

This is crunch year, not in two or three years’ time – the votes UKIP get and the candidates they send to the European Parliament will send out a clear message: we are part of a European family working for a common purpose or we are not but want to cut ourselves off and try to look after just ourselves.

Perfectly acceptable, if that is want the majority want.

However, unless we all get involved it is not going to be the majority who decide, only a clique, again mainly of men, who working on their agenda will claim to speak on your behalf.

The UKIP MEPs you elect in May will be on a very privilaged gravy train, if like the present bunch of Farrage and Nuttall they do not have to put in much of a presence and have no desire to improve matters within the organisation, so get paid with your money for little effort.

When people of principal stop withdrawing from active political participation of any kind, maybe we will get the Governments and councils we truly deserve.

Derek Mann