Why spend £25,000 on finding a new chief exec?

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I was appalled to read that Burnley Council proposes to spend £25k on appointing a new Chief Executive.

Allowing for the £6k advertising costs in, I hope, more than one national daily, the other £19k on consultancy fees is just ridiculous.

Here we have a council running the town which doesn’t consider itself capable of choosing the right man for the job of leading its work force. Is not one of them capable of reading a CV or a group capable of conducting a sufficiently investigative interview? (Or is it the case that, if the appointment is a disaster, they can blame the consultants?)

I have a suggestion. Why not co-opt some of the local business managers to join in the selection process? I hate these modern phrases but “GET A GRIP”, save some money and stop moaning about cuts!

K. Halstead

Lockyer Avenue, Burnley