Why should we pay to park on our own street?

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I am writing to express my concern about the residential parking that has apparently been approved in a council meeting.

When this was first suggested last August, I wrote to the person in charge, Craig Holden Environment Directorate, with several concerns. In reply, all I got was a list of proposed prices and a message to say my concerns would be addressed nearer the time. I was therefore surprised to find a letter on February 17th addressed to “the occupier” stating the parking fees were now going ahead. We have had no consultation on this at all, which I feel is very unjust, as do some of my neighbours.

I asked about how older people on my street could afford this or had it even been looked into. Or if those on benefits would have to pay or, as usual, only those that work. I also asked just what extra services we would get for having to pay to park on our own street.

Apart from the costs of the initial signs, where is the rest of the money going? As I see it, we will be expected to pay a minimum of £15.60 a year. This then ranges up to £26 for a second car and thereon for any others. One has to ask: has this been pushed through to help regarding the recent cuts? This money obviously all adds up and this money will be going into council coffers just for the sake of two signs saying it is residential parking only.

Personally, I feel I already pay council tax and road tax and this is just another kind of tax and who has asked me if I can afford it or if I want it? The answer is no-one! I would think about 90-odd% of Burnley people do not have to pay to park on their own street, so why should we?

There are others on the street who are not happy regarding this forced parking tax. Mainly those with more than one car. Also, why should we have to go through the hassle of photocopying our log books and a utility bill just to prove who lives here? And then to have to send a cheque!

I do not think the residents would mind a one-off fee but to introduce a yearly fee for a couple of signs is just a rip off, as once these signs are up there is no other input, so in effect we will be paying thousands between us year after year for a couple of signs.

I emailed Craig Holden again a few days ago but am not surprised to not have an answer. I have also emailed it to the local councillor for my area and again no reply at all.

This is why I have decided to send it to the Express to make other people aware this may come to them and they too will have no choice whether they can afford it or not.

Roy Wallbank