Why build more homes when so many for sale?

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Who are the hidden “Evil Force”, I wonder, who are making monkeys of the British public, destroying our precious countryside and making very many billions for themselves at the same time?

I refer again to a question which regularly comes up in the pages of this paper – why and how come are we being forced to accept mega housing developments when there are so many houses for sale already – pages and pages of them in every week’s Advertiser.

When a large and glossy magazine was pushed through my door this weekend I was unable to keep quiet any longer. This was from an estate agent company, 19 pages of it (38 pages counting both sides).

Obviously, this company is finding houses hard to sell if it goes to thousands of pounds worth of advertising in a large glossy magazine distributed through every door, stating they cover Ribble Valley, Preston, Pendle, Burnley, Hyndburn, Blackburn and Rossendale.

That’s some mega-expensive and desperate advertising! This pushes then the question even stronger – why are we forfeiting our lovely green fields, farm animals and precious wildlife for housing developments which can’t be needed when there is already an abundance of houses available for sale? Dr Who?

Doris Brown,

Born and bred Ribble Valley