What is our MP doing about hikes in utility bills?

Gordon Birtwistle
Gordon Birtwistle

In response to Coun. Birtwistle’s comments that the council should use some of itsreserves to fund a freeze in Council Tax.

If he had bothered to turn up at the most imortant meeting of the year he would know the council is already using over £200k of reserves to balance next year’s budget. This is the equivalent of saving 4% on Council Tax bills. As his Lib-Dem Group leader said at the budget meeting this is “fair and reasonable”.

The 7p a week rise in Council Tax for most residents is put into context when compared with the massive hikes in utility bills and social landlord rents faced by many people. What is Coun. Birtwistle doing about these grossly unfair increases?

And what is he doing to prevent the Government’s unfair cut in council grant which amounts to a £168 reduction for every household in the borough since 2010?

Coun. Mark Townsend

Executive Member for Resources