We have to clean up after drunken youths

Empty beer cans and wine bottles
Empty beer cans and wine bottles
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I wish to comment further on the problems of anti-social behaviour in Pheasantford Green and Marles Court. When we ring the police, it takes an hour for them to arrive and then when these youths see them coming they run off. This is fact.

The inspector then tells us she is engaging with residents, but we had never seen her or had even heard who she is until the article in the Express.

Your article states the police have regular patrols, that is also not true.

These youths are here on a daily basis, the youths turn up late at night leave all the rubbish behind, they disturb residents’ sleep and it is like this all year round.

Urinating in doorways, drug dealing and drinking.

We know it happens as we do the cleaning up.

Edward Chapman