Urgent action needed to repair potholes

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I have been interested to read about the state of streets and roads in Burnley regarding potholes and the general state they are in.

I have noticed on my street a large increase in cracks and potholes. I have lived in Ivan Street since the 1960s and the street then was cobbled. However, if I recall, in July 1987 it was resurfaced and made a lot better.

In that time it has never been given a new layer and has only had “botched up” repairs to cover up the cobbles. But traffic has increased with traffic using the street as a short cut or parking for the pub at the end. I see work gangs on other streets repairing cracks and holes, but Ivan Street seems to be not on their urgent list. It needs attention sooner rather than later.

M. Hibbert

Ivan Street, Burnley