Trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes

Photo: David Evans.First train on recently completed Todmorden Curve
Photo: David Evans.First train on recently completed Todmorden Curve
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Two years to the month I wrote in to the letters’ page: the Labour Party had just taken control of Burnley Council and Julie Cooper had become leader of said council.

I stated how much of a shame it was that the Lib-Dem councillors of Burnley lost control of the council after all the hard work they had put into the town ie the regeneration of the Weavers’ Triangle, the development of Burnley Bridge, the village development of the old Michalin site and, of course, the opening of the Todmorden Curve (though credit should go to Coun. Heginbotham for the latter).

I also stated that no doubt Julie Cooper will be on hand to pose for photos and take any glory of the Lib-Dem achievements.

So, two years to the month, a letter appears in the Express from Coun. Mark Townsend, heaping praise on the former leader Coun. Cooper for the developments started under Lib-Dem control.

Coun. Townsend must have the intelligence (and let’s hope he has, seeing he is now leader of Burnley Council) to realise these sort of developments do not happen overnight (certainly not in the two years Labour have had control). So it was a matter of luck to the Labour Party that these developments came to fruition while they were in control.

Coun. Mark Townsend has only had the job of leader of Burnley Council for a matter of weeks and is already trying to pull the wool over the people of Burnley’s eyes.

Mrs V. Whittaker

Moorland Road