Traders give me no reson to ‘shop local’

Shop Local
Shop Local
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We are constantly urged to shop locally and I do so when and where possible.

However, there are some independent retailers in Nelson and Colne who, not to put too fine a point on it, deserve to go out of business.

Shop one no longer stocks an item in question and made no offer to obtain one. Results: I bought through the internet from a firm in Edinburgh.

Shop two: items were sold out but would be available with delivery and they would telephone to confirm this. Seven months later I’m still awaiting the call. Result: I bought on-line through a national chain headquartered in Yeovil.

Shop three changed ownership and now offers indifferent service. Result: I am now buying things from a national retailer online with a head office in Brentford.

Perhaps I should thank these shop keepers personally as I am now obtaining goods cheaply.

My advice to them is this: the next time you are complaining about the lack of business may I respectfully suggest that you should go and look in a mirror.

Former loyal local shopper