The elderly to be hit hard by budget cuts

Elderly people could be badly affected by the cut
Elderly people could be badly affected by the cut
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It can be assumed that the L.C.C are serious in their warning of cuts to Calico and similar organisations in the county and that the amount of money that is passed to them for the care of the elderly may well be reduced by 35%.

This is a large cut. This money is to cover the many varied core services over 24 hours.

This includes: wardens’ part day time attendance; the red cord and pendant around the neck alarm systems; the possible calling on the service of doctors, hospitals and social services etc; fire alarm systems; the contacting of relatives if urgently required; and many other needs that pensioners and disabled people may require. These are just a few of the items that may be required. This is covering a large number of people.

Bear in mind, quite a number of these people are old enough to consciously receive a feeling of confidence from the fact that the availability is there. The thought of any removal causes quite a worry and when you live on your own as many do, imagination is not a good companion!

This does of course mean that any complaints can be passed right back to the Government as their cuts are the cause! What other cuts have been proposed? Are there any cuts in county head office?

A. Fenton