The answer lies in your vote

Did you vote Conservative?
Did you vote Conservative?
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The people of the Ribble Valley are increasingly protesting about the rapine of its green field sites to no avail, one has only to drive from St Augustines school, Billington to Clitheroe Golf Club, to witness how every nook and cranny is being built upon.

Meanwhile the people in Government do absolutely nothing to remedy this state of affairs and thus it seems fitting that we ask ourselves some pertinent questions.

Which Party was in power in 2012 , when the planning rules were relaxed?

Which Party does Eric Pickles represent, he of the avowed intent to not only increase the number of available homes but to give people more power, over what happens in their neighborhood?

Tell that to the people of Wilpshire, where despite massive numbers of objections, three huge wind turbines are under construction.

Which Party does the Ribble Valley MP represent, the one who remained completely silent on this issue until just recently, when the election began to loom?

Which Party is in control of 33 of the 40 seats on the Ribble Valley Borough Council?

Which Party does the Mayor of the Ribble Valley represent?

Moreover, which Party do your readers believe that the land owners financiers and developers vote for?

Which Party will your readers be voting for at the next local and General Elections? Let me suggest that the smug, self-serving members of that Party believe all they have to do is wring their hands and empathise, they probably are going on a training course for it, and the polls are in the bag! After all, a bit of tree planting and the odd Downing Street soiree goes a long way in politics.

Sean Gallagher,

Brockhall Village