Thanks for helping me after my fall

ambulance paramedic and stretcher - taken by Blast Films
ambulance paramedic and stretcher - taken by Blast Films
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On February 17th, I fell when out posting a letter.

A young man from Barnoldswick pulled up in a car, picked me up and sat me in his car.

Then a lady customer at the dentist across the road came and discovered where I lived and went for my husband, then went back to the dentist and rang for an ambulance and brought me a cup of tea.

She was followed by one of the lady dentists who came and held a swab to my head which was bleeding.

Again, another lady stopped and brought me blankets from her car and wrapped me up.

A paramedic arrived by car and assessed the situation, quickly followed by the ambulance.

The ambulance crew took care of me and took me to Burnley Urgent Care.

Each and everyone of these people were kindness itself, as were the doctor and nurses, so a very big thank you to all of you.

E. Timberlake

Romney Avenue, Barrowford