Taxi driver discriminated against disabled

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I wish to pass on a recent problem encountered by one of the carers who was accompanying an elderly, disabled man on a medical appointment at Clitheroe health centre.

On Wednesday afternoon a taxi was booked to take the gentleman and his carer to the health centre. The taxi driver did not offer to help at all with the wheelchair which had to be put into the boot.

On arrival at the health centre, the carer was getting the wheelchair out and the driver commented that she should be careful not to scratch his car as he stood by and watched.

As soon as she got the gentleman into his wheelchair, he offered his fare (currently £1.50 for short Clitheroe journeys) to the driver. He was told quite rudely by the driver it was “£2 for him”. When the carer questioned the amount and stated it was normally £1.50, the driver said it was more money due to “all the messing about because of the wheelchair, it takes up more time”. Our carer commented that she did not think this was very fair and she did not like his attitude. He took the additional money from them and drove off.

When they rang me to explain what had happened, I rang the taxi office immediately. I explained what had just happened and was told this was not their policy at all. The man I spoke to was very polite and said he would ask the owner of the business to call me back as I had requested. When he still hadn’t called me back by the following day I rang again only to be told he had been given my details. I have still not heard anything from them.

I really just want people to know there are plenty of other taxi companies who do not treat disabled people in this way and to avoid using firms who do, as we will be doing in future. I think it is appalling to discriminate aginst a disabled man in this way.

Joanne Brown,

Woone Lane, Clitheroe