Survey info will just be left to gather dust

Photo Ian Robinson'County Hall at Night
Photo Ian Robinson'County Hall at Night
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Not worth the paper it is written on perfectly describes Lancashire County Councils’ 2014 Lifestyle Survey.

After browsing through its 13 pages my first thought was why, when budgets are being slashed to the bone, is money being wasted on this ludicrous project, but to my surprise, it had already been anticipated.

On a separate information sheet I was told the details I provide will help the council to plan future cuts to services or vice versa and spend more money on developing new ones.

The information I was asked for ranged from the ridiculous to the highly personal, so I would like to ask the head of the project, Director of Public Health Dr Sakthi Karunanithi, to answer the following question:

How will knowing my daily consumption of fizzy drinks, alcohol, fruit and veg, use of tobacco/e-cigarettes or whether I feel more or less lonely/happy/depressed/optimistic today than I did yesterday and whether I had unprotected sex with my last partner be of any benefit in the council’s plans for the future?

No doubt Dr Karunanithi will rush to defend the survey but let’s be realistic.

History shows that, like many previous censuses and surveys, all that will happen is thousands of pounds and man hours will be spent on a plethora of meetings and workshops to compile the information before it is eventually left to gather dust in some cellar.

D. Walker