Supermarkets should pay fair price for milk

Milk bottles
Milk bottles
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With regard to Tesco’s Statement in the national papers about their policy of paying farmers over the market price for milk, the dairy farmers I have spoken to declare this is not strictly true.

It has been said this is a smoke screen and these farms represents only a small proportion of the milk intake by Tesco and they buy a great deal of milk at the lower market prices.

Tesco also demand to see the farm accounts of participants and set up many more hurdles to make participation so onerous it is not cost-effective. I think it is time the government stepped in and made the supermarkets and dairy industry act responsibly.

What will happen when all the dairy farms have closed down? Will we then have security of supply? British dairy farms are some of the most efficient in the world and we stand back and see it decimated. What are we thinking about?

Richard Dugdale,

Park Avenue, Clitheroe