Rotting rubbish in back street: fines needed


Once again I have had to report a disgraceful back street to the council. I am waiting for the day I see vermin out there, it really is that bad!

I read in the Express recently, that a lady was fined for dropping a cigarette butt on the street. Surely, this amount of rubbish and rotting food is more of a health hazard.

The council would surely generate much needed income if these people were fined, too.

Today I saw one council man with a black bag and “grasper”.

I honestly thought, do the council really think he is making any difference at all? His job was made much harder as he was clearly trying to dodge all the dog mess too.

So, back to the cigarette butt.

I really think Burnley Council have bigger health issues to deal with, namely, masses of rubbish and rotting food left on back streets, plus dog fouling that is so bad, it really is hard to miss treading in it.

If someone can be fined for dropping one cigarette butt, then surely residents who think it is acceptable to leave rubbish and rotting food on their own doorsteps, should be fined, too.

Janet Couch