Removing trees will help park ecosystem

Walverden Park
Walverden Park
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Your article about work being carried out at Walverden Park in connection with the park’s tree management plan unfortunately omitted one of the key aims of the plan.

In addition to the planned and phased out removal of diseased, dangerous and over mature trees, and their replacement with new native species, the plan involves the thinning out of the over dense tree canopy that affects areas of the park. This was caused by planting the trees too close together in past times.

The now mature trees prevent any light reaching the areas below and preventing any growth. By thinning out the over dense canopy, which will mean the removal of some healthy trees, the light will get through and that in turn will stimulate growth on the ground and enable regeneration to the benefit of increased wildlife diversity.

The present lack of flora and fauna in these areas is recognised as a key deficiency in the park’s present ecosystem. The Walverden Park Tree Management Plan is a result of is, the result of much thought and work by the Friends and Pendle Parks officers. Through it we aim to secure the long term viability of the woodland area of the park for the benefit of both people and wildlife.

Keith Chadwick

Chairman, Friends of Walverden Park