Quick cash from wind turbines

Wind Turbines
Wind Turbines
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Two planning applications to site two 45m industrial-type wind turbines on either side of Skipton Old Road leading up to the Black Lane Ends pub came before the Colne committee meeting on September 5th.

Two turbines have already been approved on Great Edge and a further three await an appeal decision, all within close proximity to each other. If successful, that would make seven turbines. Surely this is a wind farm.

Single turbines are damaging enough to the landscape but as our neighbouring council Craven pointed out in a letter relating to these applications, the cumulative affect needs to be considered, as developers obtain permission in ones and twos and soon you have a wind farm.

Have your say by logging on to the Pendle Council planning website. The application numbers are 13/13/0393P and 13/13/0394P.

Turbines are inefficient and don’t work 75% of the time, as the wind speed is less than seven m/s, which isn’t strong enough (when using a wind-up torch or radio you only get anything out of it when a lot of effort is put in). Sadly, they also cause splits in local communities, as very few benefit but the majority have to put up with them.

Let’s protect our unspoilt, upland landscape before it’s ruined in the pursuit of quick cash from so-called green subsidies. A government report due out soon will cast doubt on the future of onshore turbines and the negative impact they have on neighbouring communities.

Neil Schofield